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You may not remember the lyrics from the 1996 Buffalo Springfield hit “For What It’s Worth”.  The fourth verse warns that “Paranoia strikes deep.  Into your life it will creep.”

But hey, it’s dangerous out there! 

Not to life and limb, but the dangers of the Internet are real and pervasive.  So much so that even the savviest among us can end up victims of the tricks and techniques of the most unscrupulous scoundrels in the world.

Buried in Paperwork

If you're like most small business owners, you're already working way more hours than you would if you had a regular JOB. And the dream of more freedom to spend time with your family, to go on vacations, to do the things that owning a business should make possible, no longer seems feasible.

Worse yet, even with all of your time commitment, your sales seem to have reached a plateau well short of providing the lifestyle you want for your family and that they deserve. 

Norse Attack Map

Cyberterrorism, activities intended to damage or disrupt vital computer systems, is a relatively new problem.  In fact, 1994 is officially listed as the first know use of cyberterrorism, but look how far we've come in just over 20 years.  And the truth is, many of us are unwittingly facilitating its growth.

If your MacBook is behaving as though it's possessed these days, you're not alone.  

There have been an ever increasing number of MacBook users who are reporting the problem as witnessed by the complaints on Apple's own support forum as well as other popular forums for Apple users.  

The issue appears to be related to the installation of the 10.11.4 operting system update and strangely seems to impact the MacBook Pro product line more so than other Mac products.  

Fight for $15 protest

This week saw the joining of forces of the "Fight for $15" and the "Black Lives Matter" organizations in the hopes that each would benefit from broader news coverage of their causes as the continued to organize protests in major cities nationwide.

Are your tech devices phoning home?

The Internet truly is the wild, wild, west these days, though lately it's getting a bit more of an eastern twist these days.  

It's getting to the point that you can't trust anything or anyone any more.  Or perhaps, as Ronald Regan was known to say, "Trust, but verify."  


Apple's announcement last week that it would no longer update and/or provide security patches for the Windows version of QuickTime has left many user's in a lurch. The announcement prompted an alert from no less than the Department of Homeland Security, recommending that users of the software on the Windows platform should immediately uninstall it. There are 2