If you find yourself debating once again whether or not to upgrade to the latest release of the iPhone operating system, then here are a few points to consider before you start the download and install of iOS 9.0.

Besides some bug fixes from previous versions, here are the basic new features that the new version brings you.


1.  Longer Battery Life

Some previous versions of iOS have been know to actually cause the iPhone battery to drain faster than normal, but the number 1 feature being touted for iOS 9 is the ability to extend battery life up to an hour more than you may have experienced prior to the upgrade.

This is accomplished by automatically turning the screen off when it is face down.  Though we haven't tested it yet, I expect that this would include the use a belt holster, when the phone is secured in the holster and the face is covered. 

In addition to the face down power saving feature, there is a new Low Power Mode you can select that further preserves battery life when you are worried you may run out of power and you don't have the option to plug in to charge. 


2.  Split Screen Multi-tasking on the iPad

Facing pressure from competitors like the Microsoft Surface PC and the Android based tablets from Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and a host of others, Apple has added multi-tasking capabilities to iOS9 for the iPad making it much easier to do things like answering an email while you're surfing the web.

The is a new slide over capability that utilizes the sidebar feature to let you open a second application without closing the first, while the split view feature lets you have two open and active apps (dare we say windows?) at the same time.  And lastly, the picture in picture capability allows you to shrink a FaceTime or video screen down so that it occupies just a small corner of the another app that you might be working in.


3.  More Active and Anticipatory Version of Siri

Though some may say that Siri's capabilities are still not up to par with the likes of Cortana on the Windows phone, or Google Now, many still see Siri's ability to anticipate what you would like to do next and to make those apps, contacts, etc. readily available following a search, as a welcome improvement to Siri's reportoire.  Siri's suggestions are based on the apps you generally use and the time of day you typically use them.  It could get a little disconcerting though, as Siri gets more and more attuned to your habits and begins to know what you want to do before you want to do it.  Stay tuned on that front.


4.  Apple Pen Capabilities Support In App Drawing

Also along the same line of catching up to the competition, iOS 9 now provides for in app doodling with a stylus or your finger.  At the time of this writing, both the Notes and Mail app support adding drawings.  This could be very useful for things like including your signature on an email. 


5.  Wi-Fi Assist

This feature could at once be a blessing and a curse.  In general the functionality automatically switches your connection from Wi-Fi to a cellular connection if the Wi-Fi signal is marginal.  This could be really helpful when you happen to be watching a video and all of a sudden a poor Wi-Fi connection causes jittery streaming quality.  But if you are not on an unlimited data plan, be aware that you are consuming your data plan allowance when you thought you were on Wi-Fi.


If you're inclined to turn this feature off, just 1) Go to settings; 2) Choose the cellular settings and scroll to the bottom of the page; and 3) Turn the slider for Wi-Fi Assist to OFF.