Fight for $15 protest

This week saw the joining of forces of the "Fight for $15" and the "Black Lives Matter" organizations in the hopes that each would benefit from broader news coverage of their causes as the continued to organize protests in major cities nationwide.

The coalition is indeed strange given recent conclusions by economists at the San Francisco Federal Reserve that an increase of minimum wages to $15/hour would have a negative impact on the availability of jobs for the least skilled workers in the workforce.  And unfortunately because they are often from areas with failing schools and divided families, that category of workers is predominantly black.  

So the association seems even more bizaar from a Black Lives Matter perspective given that the increase of the minimum wage to $15/hour would have a disproportionate effect on black unemployment.

Lt. Col. Allen B. West (retired), former U.S. Congressman, current executive director of the National Center for Policy Analysis, and an advisor to the Job Creators Network, has written an interesting op-ed piece for Investors Business Daily.  In that article he discusses why he believes we should be focused on raising the wage ceiling of average workers to $50,000/year, and not on a $15/hour mandate that would have counterproductive impacts.

Your can read the full article here:  The Strange Black Lives Matter Partnership With Fight For $15